Facts & findings

Introduction and first talks at the Trondheim Meeting

The introduction to the meeting was given by Terje Sørvik http://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terje_S%C3%B8rvik


Terje Sørvik intro


Essentially he said that the meeting was being held to address concerns about the impact of taretråling and in general seaweed harvesting and a much deeper concern that not enough was known about the consequences

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The next Talk was given by Henning steen – a great deal of information about the seaweed laminaria hyperborea – the one that is being harvested by the seaweed trawlers – one surprising bit of information was that some of the seaweed was dated at nearly 20 years of age

Section of a seaweed stalk showing age XX


Henning Steen https://www.imr.no/om_havforskningsinstituttet/ansatte/s/henning_steen/nb-no

Henning steen


No mention of ecological consequences but a great deal of video of the seaweed forests

Before and after harvesting –

Clip from videocamera of tare Henning Steen XX