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More on Trawling.

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Here is an article in Norwegian on Trawling – (from Jens)   click on image for full size   article in full. What i find most interesting about this is the difference in the information in this article and this one – this is very short and just a little part of a much larger […]

Bottom Trawling

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Following the various debates on trawling it is clear that Norway has a 20 kilometer zone inside which no bottom trawling is allowed. The details i have not been able to firmly ascertain but reading the wikipedia article on trawling some things begin to make sense Double click on image to enlarge.   One major […]

Seaweed harvesting – information problems

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Over the last few years i have been studying seaweed and its harvesting worldwide on the internet. A number of things stand out very clearly through contacts with universities, businesses the scientists concerned and many state and private organizations involved with marine protection and welfare –     The first is that there is no […]

Seabirds dying

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it seems that the famous bird reserve on Runde is having problems.  Some specis of birds have nearly completely disappeared and others are in trouble.   The article mentions climate change and the warming of our seas as being responsible for the change in fish prey, but no mention at all of Norways biggest […]

How important are our seaweed forests??

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This is from the county governors office in Telemark. The first bit is from Hartvig Christie – essentially is says that seaweed is an essential part of the ecosystem.  As the plants die the mass of plants have an important part to play in the ecology of the ocean . Mengden såkalt biomasse som produseres […]

Thiamin and Thiaminase – Interesting connections with animal deaths.

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All animals require vitamins. Probably the most important is vitamin b1 or thiamin. We were alerted to the thiamin deficiency syndrome by a large environmental group we work with in Norway. There were a number of strange reports included – land mammals and birds were also dying -  so why – this could be […]

Effective Environmentalism.

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Watching the Taretråwlers week in week out scraping the sea bottom is a emotive issue for anyone who loves nature and the sea. We know from reading the reports that the company concerned wants the seaweed beds clear of epiphytes and animals – we know from reading documents on the Thiamin issue that our seabirds […]

The local seaweed harvesting depot – Smørholm taremottak.

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Smørholm is a little island tucked between land and kvitholmen just by the atlanterhavsveien. This is where the local catch of seaweed is landed for processing and shipping.  The trawlers come here to download – it is a buisy place but i never quite realized how busy.  So here is the website run by the […]

Salmon farming and Taretråling

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The norwegian coast is a marvellous habitat, full of inlets and fjords – however the activities of business has begun to have a serious impact. Our Marine Biologists are paid to research the impact of such industries as Seaweed trawling and fish farming. Without positive results those industries would be shut down, or would they?? […]

overview – disturbing

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The Bbc has recently produced several reports on documents detailing the state of our oceans. Reading them it is clear they are in real trouble with many of the issues ive allready mentioned on our other website In them is there no mention of seaweed harvesting – so i got in contact with the […]