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article on fmc plant at Karmøya

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How much does seaweed dredging earn?

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This little article is about an investment from Fmc food and nutrition in their plant at Karmøya. It also gives information on how much the best alginates are worth – we knew they were worth a lot some time ago but this takes our breath clear away  – the stated harvest is 5,000 tons plus […]

Mass destruction of wildlife – from scientific papers.

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The reason this industry is allowed on the Norwegian coast is because scientists say it is safe. We can only suppose that this is the case – because we really dont know. All indications are that it is not. What we do know is that this industries activities are an experiment – that is insofar […]

More damaging news for the Taretråling industry.

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Helgeland Regionråd is an organization working with the 7  countiesAlstahaug,Dønna,Herøy,Leirfjord,Rødøy,Træna and vefsn. It has just released a document detailing its concerns over taretråling – essentially it says that as the seaweed forests on their coasts have the highest density of life on the planet they are deeply concerned that there has been no documentation […]

Havsforskningsinstitut – Norways state owned sea research organization.

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Just found a video on you tube – it is from the havsforsknings institut – essentially it says that they are going to do research on taretråling so they can tell if it has any effects on the environment and ecology. It was posted 3 months ago. What is so fascinating about this is that […]

Current situation

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Norways coast is being trawled for seaweed. Every part that can be trawled is being trawled. We know that bottom trawling re distributes pollutants such as pcbs which are normally taken up by bottom sediment. These pollutants are redistributed in the food chain and are ultimately ingested by us – these chemicals are cancer and […]

The Beginning of the end??

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The beginning of the end?   Some great news – Møre and Romsdal county have refused permission/stopped seaweed dredging in some sensitive areas on our coast.  Weather this is due to the letters and protests they received last year from individuals and organizations is not known.     but it is causing some discomfort […]

Acidic seas from CO2

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  In the case of the effects of commercial seaweed harvesting it seems most experts are very careful to make statements that do the least harm. They dont want to cause ripples – click on image to enlarge so this article on the effects green house gasses are having on our seas is most […]

Environmental activism.

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Part of Environmental activism is about following closely the activities of your target and logging their activities, then contacting the authorities and using the law to prosecute any infringement of the environment you think may be taking place. Any company operating in the environment should be happy for you to do this as it would […]

How can you do something constructive to help?

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Taretråling is conducted by a Norwegian run, American owned company – They have every freedom needed to operate a massive seaweed trawling business on the coast, however there are limits regulated by the Directorate of Fisheries.  These limits are supposed to conserve some of the wildlife otherwise destroyed by the trawlers activities so it is […]