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Seaweed Trawling protest forms.

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As many of you are no doubt aware seaweed trawling on the norwegian coast is an ecological disaster – scientific papers show this, articles in the press clearly show this. Information is carefully managed with  misinformation and public officials happy to mislead the public.   This is a severe breach of the Norwegian constitution Grunnlæven […]

What other countries think of Taretråling.

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Possibly one of the most influential documents on seaweed harvesting has been produced by the Northern Ireland Environmental health services.  The document is an assembly of information from every angle – with a view to enabling the industry, that is a sustainable industry. Apparently this is a very important document for the industry. It is […]

Seaweed trawling in Norway’s Seabird reserves

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Many seabird colonies on Norway’s coast are experiencing a massive downfall in population, some as much as 2/3rds – many of these colonies are in areas where seaweed trawling occurs. The various ornithological organizations we have spoken to say this is due to the ecology being changed by a massive invasion of mackerel – it […]

Fish Farming – a ruthless exploitation of Norways coast.

Posted by in Facts & findings on 09. Jul, 2015 | No Comments The way things are done in industry in Norway is usualy direct and no fuss.     Thus we have companies and scientists from the uk finding it easier to install wave energy test equipment here than in the uk because one phone call fixed it. This is enviable for profit but what is the […]

Noen Observasjoner i litteraturen 2009 og 1963.

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  > From: Jens > Subject: Noen observasjoner i litteraturen 2009 og 1963. > jeg leste et par rapporter om tare, og jeg fant > et par interessante utsagn i disse. Kun for informasjon, men > gir bra innblikk i hva som rørte seg for et par år siden. > > Første fra 2009: > […]

Use of Formalin by the Seaweed industry.

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When seaweed dies a natural process of bio degredation begins. This process naturally produces among other chemicals.  This gas is rated as being of a similar toxicity to cyanide gas. In other words being near decomposing piles of Seaweed could kill you. In fact due to the vast influx of seaweed in summer months on […]

Problems with seaweed cultivation.

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Nearly every month there seems to be a new exciting project aimed at seaweed cultivation – perhaps this video may explain why there untimately seems to be so little of it. It also explains why it is important to have as few animals as possible attaching themselves to the plants – Commercial harvesting on the […]

our first taretråling video.

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Significant movement. Our Brochure.

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Just recently our brochure has at last been published. It is not intended as an attack on individuals in the industry but as a dissemination of facts. Fortunately for us we have already had some of the facts criticized and have borne up well. Everything in this brochure can be verified by scientific papers or […]

Massive loss of carbon absorbing plants.

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Here is a rather long and complicated paper from Imr on Carbon capture and food production in the fjords of Norway. There is a great deal here that speaks loudly against the destructive harvesting of our seaweed beds, however the most definitive is this snip – essentially it says that an estimated 150 million […]