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Us Norwegians, we love our nature.

Because most of us have grown up with Fjords the sea, mountains and wildlife it is very much part of us So imagine how it feels to see the “invisible” countryside being torn up and destroyed.  Invisible because it is under the sea, maybe we cant see it but we can see and feel the effects.

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The island of Vedvik has a visit from the trawlers every 4 to 5 years – there has been considerable damage to the infrastructure from wave action this year – the komune decided that as the visit of the trawlers coincided with this it was fair to assume that the two were linked and so initiated an action against the seaweed trawling company.

In conversation with several lawyers in the district they tell me of cases going back over 40 years where structural damage has been ascribed to the removal of wave damping seaweed but not one has succeeded.

This is a letter from the man responsible for the trawlers in Norway concerning this action by the council.


In the letter Ole Damm Kvilhaug mentions the importance of seaweed as a nursery and living place for wildlife, that it is a very important part of our ecology and environment.

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