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Sick Fish?

So we know that seaweed cleans the sea, it oxygenates the waters and removes CO2.  We have papers revealing how much nitrogen and phosphate it removes from the water – other papers detail the removal of toxins and substances such as tnt.

Recent fishing expeditions out of Hustad, where there has been very heavy taretråling this year and last, and even a successful prosecution – the first in Norway for harvesting illegally – have produced a catch of unusual cod – the trip before the same – going back for many months. The livers of these cod are black, green or in some cases nearly nonexistent

Severly damaged liver from a cod caught at hustadvika

liver from a cod caught at hustadvika

Liver 6 adj liver 7 asdj

Local people have told us that the council dumps sewage from septic tanks into the sea at Hustad, that the outflow from the village is also by Farstadstrand – just where the taretrålers have been.

So we live in a valley, some 7 kilometres long by 4 kilometres wide – we have many farms, most of them use roundup and other chemicals – we know these have an effect on nature and some like Roundup are proven carcinogens  https://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/alert-gmo-corn-and-roundup-caused-cancer-and-killed-rats   these are washed from the land into our rivers and streams – some like the hustad river were famed for salmon

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKt8H0ukDo8 in the sea it would normally go through a natural filtration system – which removes so many chemicals, but the state has seen fit to sell this to an American company.

The big question is – do we trust the state enough to watch out for us over this?

We have contacted the mattilsynet  – sent them pictures – we are already in contact with the fiskerie direktoratet.

The Mattilsynet says it is normal for cod to be like this and the fish are safe to eat – wonder why then the seagulls refused their normal meal?

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