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What a Beautiful World – Sold to Big Business

Today I filmed the seaweed dredgers in Hustadvika – they are now scraping the sides of the bay.

Having coffee with a friend an hour or so later his daughter came rushing in to say that the Farstad River was full of dead fish and the mattilsynet were down by the river in  force.  I wondered why i had seen such a large group of people.

The river is tidal at the lower end.

About 3 weeks ago we contacted the Mattilsynet about fish with damaged livers – we were told it was normal – we also contacted marine biologists at Nina who said the same.  We spoke to the fiskeriedirektoratet who told us this was definitely not normal.

So now salmon, trout and other fish have been found dead in one of the rivers leading to Hustadvika bay – the liver samples i delivered to the mattilsynet i was asked to remove as they did not have the competence to analyze them.

Nor did Nifes.  Mattilsynet said.


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