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Trondheim Meeting

The meeting about Seaweed harvesting in particular Taretråling was most interesting – in spite of reams of rather irrelevant facts nobody fell asleep – in fact I would say that everyone paid a great deal of attention over the 2 days.

My video recorded a great deal – probably not to use in a later video but more as an aide memoir – my report is going to be rather long, but I will say this –  some of the scientists present exhibited a form of behavior which clearly demonstrates their fear of information over which they have no control.  To demonstrate this in public is pretty extreme, at its best it makes them look foolish and at the worst immature.  I made my point with their help!

This meeting was for the leaders and representatives of the counties, I think they learnt a good deal about the system and how it works.  I hope and trust they are in no way satisfied by this performance, in fact a little disturbed.  My intention and hope  is that they will find out for themselves – hopefully a full report will be here tomorrow.

I will also offer a little apology – for my theatrics at the end of the meeting.

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