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The Local Seaweed Harvesting Depot – Smørholm taremottak

Smørholm is a little island tucked between land and kvitholmen just by the atlanterhavsveien.

This is where the local catch of seaweed is landed for processing and shipping.  The trawlers come here to download – it is a busy place but i never quite realized how busy.  So here is the website run by the proud harvesters.


A little snip
smørholm details

Essentially it says that they harvest around 500 tons per day – or 50,000 tons per year.

They say there is no bi catch – that is no animals in the plants – if that is correct then my assertion that the forests are empty is correct – they have successfully managed to remove animals and plants other than seaweed from the forests – it is not that difficult to imagine this as all papers on the matter say it takes 6 to 9 years for them to grow back and the harvesting is every 4 years or less. What they mean is that there are no lobsters in the catch.  While that is not likely anyway we do have videos of fish dropping out of the catch as it is being moved to the macerator.

Our videos of the seaweed being washed ashore show no epiphytes on the stalks, they should be covered with animals, plants and eggs, they are not.  No wonder our ecology is in trouble.  It takes considerable research to define any major change in our environment – all our research institutes are owned by companies and or the state – we are certain that the state research organizations are reluctant to say or do anything that may  compromise the activities of the harvesting companies  further it is extremely unlikely that any company is going to do research that could compromise its business.

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