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Strict Control of Seaweed Harvesting along the Norwegian Coast

This is the area where seaweed harvesting on the Norwegian coast is allowed.

This is from the Fiskeriedirektoratets website   https://kart.fiskeridir.no/

taretråling feldt fiskeridir

South of this area there is limited growth – if this is due to previous overharvesting we do not know.

North of the area we have information that there is little seaweed due to the predation of sea urchins.  We have information that seaweed harvesting can lead to this.

There is supposedly strict regulation of this – we found that there are forbidden areas – we felt that as there was no monitoring of the activity of the trawlers we should do some – the resulting prosecution took over 18 months to go through the courts despite attempts to block the process and procrastination by the police – we understand that one of the policemen concerned is under investigation by another force.  We have video evidence.

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