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Seabirds Dying

It seems that the famous bird reserve on Runde is having problems.  Some species of birds have nearly completely disappeared and others are in trouble.


The article mentions climate change and the warming of our seas as being responsible for the change in fish prey, but no mention at all of Norway’s biggest marine industry currently raking the entire seaboard for seaweed.

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The connection perhaps requires research but the big question is first is there any research in this direction and second if there was and the result was positive, would it be published?

It is interesting to note that Peru and Chile had big problems with sea life in 2011


Big concerns  involved with seaweed harvesting there including our FMC BIOPOLYMERS – there are a number of theories about this but the fact is the animals appear to have died of starvation.

Thiamine deficiency can do this and the symptoms are difficult to diagnose – this can come about even from some species of prey fish such as anchovies and herring – their gut from time to time can contain thiaminase which destroys thiamin


Articles are not too difficult to find.

We don’t know the mechanisms involved with continual seaweed harvesting in the same areas – we need a great deal more research – but if our seabirds and mammals start dying in numbers then one can say that the same is happening here and there is one common factor.

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