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Polluted Coastline

An article on nrk detailed the landing of Blåkveite and shellfish had been made illegal from Lofoten to Bodø, that is quite a way.

My recent contacts with the mattilsynet over black and green fish livers revealed a number of papers on related subjects, one in particular was most interesting it listed places where one should not eat seafood from – ill post the link later – but the list was very long and went from Oslo to Lofoten – WHAAAAAT – that’s nearly the whole coast.

So lets get this straight.

The Norwegian state allows seaweed harvesting along the entire coast – we know that for instance fish catches have been dropping drastically in many places – we know that fish young are very much tied to seaweed forests – so are the young of many other types of animals and plants – we also know that seaweed cleans the sea – we have scientific papers to show this – and yet the Norwegian state still allows it to continue.

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