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The BBC has recently produced several reports on documents detailing the state of our oceans.

Reading them it is clear they are in real trouble with many of the issues I’ve already mentioned on our other website stopptt.no.

In them is there no mention of seaweed harvesting – so I got in contact with the scientists concerned – to my surprise I’ve been asked for information – here are eminent marine biologists who have just written major documents on the state of our oceans asking me for information on what seaweed does and how much is harvested worldwide.

This leads me to some interesting thoughts – how is it possible that this kind of information is not well known – there is no joined up research? In fact is it possible that this kind of information is owned by the corporations concerned?

What I have read shows that seaweed binds co2 – in fact a figure has been put on the worlds seaweed – it binds over 30 million tons.  I have figures from the crown services document on seaweed cultivation that Laminaria hyperborea removes approximately 480 tons of nitrogen per 20 square kilometers – I have papers that reveal that seaweed in general removes many chemical substances, including TNT, 5 times faster than terrestrial plants – it is well known that every marine organism concentrates anything dissolved in the seas including heavy metal which is why it is so dangerous to eat fish from polluted areas, so why is this not in their calculations – why???

The most logical explanation is that if seaweeds role in maintaining our seas was revealed then they would be more valuable than any monetary value placed on them.  This could lead to a moratorium of the activities of companies such as fmc biopolymers who after all belong to a corporation guilty of some of the most grievous pollution committed anywhere, whose greed is exemplified by world record fines for price fixing cartels – that is they conspired with other companies to fix prices of chemicals – that last sentence is probably the key.

Global warming is now not in question.  The Philippines and other natural disasters are increasing as predicted.

Major scientists are warning us that our seas are dying.  Can we afford in view of that to allow our seas and their ecology to be ravaged for a product that is mainly a food additive and by companies with such a dubious record when it is cultivated anyway?

Just a last little comment – I have just been watching a video about a man whose child was taken from him by the UK social services – his investigation shows that there is a huge money making business involved – with consultants getting huge fees, homes getting incredible sums for looking after these children – the ramifications go right into parliament, the press is being censored– if this can happen then what is a little fooling with statistics and figures to a big international company.

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