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A Little Bird

A little bird has been whispering in my ear that FMC is no longer going to have permission to harvest seaweed at Runde after the unprecedented damage to the infrastructure caused by last winters storms following the removal of seaweed. Apparently moves are also afoot to stop seaweed trawling in the big bird reserve.

There are also other places where damage has occurred after seaweed harvesting

Does this mean that the government is beginning to take a serious look at seaweed trawling and at FMC in particular?

“We have dialog with FMC Biopolymer and they are well aware of that there will be changes in the future and they are open for cultivation idea
. We have several IMTA pilot project going on with Sintef, IMR, NTNU and the second largest fish farmer in Norway, Lerøy.”  This is part of a reply from Belona one of Norway’s environmental organizations.

FMC told us that cultivation was not on the agenda – that seems to have changed – “changes in the future” – does that mean that taretråling is going to stop or be severely curtailed?  Let us hope so.  It is the only environmentally responsible action.

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