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It’s not just us anymore

Since we started this campaign we have always wondered if we were right?

Frankly its a heavy burden, reading endless papers which all say pretty much the same – clearly showing that seaweed trawling is having devastating effects on the wildlife and environment – while nearly all the environmental organizations say nothing.

Further still the state organs responsible for our wellbeing and  the state of our environment and ecology must know but say nothing.

The big question being “are we right”?

Here is confirmation of the biggest kind possible .

David Attenborough has written an article published in the Times newspaper in the UK clearly stating the state is ignoring science and COMMON SENSE concerning seaweed trawling.


This article was sent to us by our colleagues in Scotland fighting the introduction of seaweed trawling there.

here is a link to David Attenborough’s organization and the  article concerned


We have already sent a link to the Norwegian news service NRK.

we hope and trust that the voice of such a important person in all our lives will not be ignored, especially by the Norwegian state.

If the validity of the seaweed trawling industry is called into question – so will the validity of those marine biologists and organizations that support the industry – this is a serious matter indeed as it calls into question the world of very many individuals who are in a position of power.

The pollution and destruction of our world is caused by the very companies involved – their activities can only be described as ecocide –

The suffering caused by the illnesses inflicted on us by the release of chemicals into our nature is something that these big companies never have to pay for.  Only those individuals and the states concerned.

It is time the protection they have is stripped away and their actions treated just like any other crime, and they like any criminal.  This should also apply to those who protect and nurture those individuals and industry.

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