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How can this be allowed?

FMC and DUPONT are now jointly running the operation for the production of Alginate from seaweed on the Norwegian coast.

The only facility that can and does produce alginate is at haugesund – weather it is owned by fmc/dupont or not is not an issue – it is there to exploit our very valuable and sensitive seaweed beds.

Rereading the front page of the Alginor website I was hit by these horrific words:

To secure a sustainable and efficient utilization of this important stock it is necessary to exploit the entire biomass.

Here it is in context:

Website address: https://alginor.no/company/#company

So here is a company with a massive EU grant saying that to make the business work they need to exploit the entire seaweed biomass on the Norwegian coast

Seems that at last the gloves have come off.

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