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Fiskarlag at Ålesund

Johan and I have just been down to Ålesund to see Ole martin Sorthe, the leader of the møre and romsdal fiskelaget.


We were met quite cordially and offered coffee by OM Sorthe.

I wanted to present the information we had found on the state of the seas and the documents relating to the taretråling we had with us – I think Mr. Sorthe has reached his full interest level in Taretråling a long time ago and much preferred swopping yarns with Johan to listening to more facts, figures and papers.

But none the less in the hour long meeting – without coffee – he was presented with a nice binder, complete with videos and documents and did listen to some of the documents i presented to him even though he was keen to show his lack of interest  by rolling his eyes, sighing heavily and looking at the ceiling.

Is it going to go anywhere?  That i cannot say but we have presented information beyond heresy and possibly sown a seed.

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