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Fish Livers and Crabs… Could There Be A Connection?

In February I started catching cod with blackened and discolored livers – I sent pictures and samples to mattilsynet – they asked me to take them back saying that they did not have the competence to analyze them, they also added that nifes did not either

high or low risk categorythe time) Sometimes sildenafil.


normal fish liver adj 2
This is a normal cod liver

Severly damaged liver from a cod caught at hustadvika
Severely damaged liver from a cod caught at hustadvika

This is a different liver – can you spot the difference?  Mat tuilsynet can’t, nor can Marine biologists at Nina https://www.nina.no/

This is the homepage for nifes: http://www.nifes.no/forskning/

Now it appears that crabs caught by a salmon farm have black insides and are polluted with cadmium –


it just so happens that the salmon farm belongs to a Norwegian government minister Lisbeth Berg-Hansen

By protecting the industry’s capitalizing on the nature on the Norwegian coast the state is protecting the interests of powerful individuals – this is fine if the consequences were simply that they got rich – but it is not as simple as that – sooner or later the bill must be paid and that will be by everyone.


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