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Fish Farming – A Ruthless Exploitation of Norway’s Coast

http://www.aftenposteninnsikt.no/klimamilj/oppdrettsn-ringen-reddet-av-vannspeilet The way things are done in industry in Norway is usually direct and no fuss.

Fish farms averøy

Thus we have companies and scientists from the uk finding it easier to install wave energy test equipment here than in the uk because one phone call fixed it.

This is enviable for profit but what is the cost of this type of business to the environment?

Norway’s Government clearly relies on the small population and the difficulty of any organized and linked opposition – strict laws are bent or avoided altogether – so while on paper the country looks fine the reality is very different.

In our fight against FMC corp and in particular FMC health and nutrition the company that is commercially harvesting seaweed on the Norwegian coast, we have had several successful prosecutions – but each time some state organization has tried to stop our actions and protect the company concerned – this includes the police and a number of the state regulatory bodies who should know better. Norway, you should be ashamed about this!!

This article came from a friend in the area – she was very distressed at reading this – and so was I – it is quite unbelievable – but our experience seems to bear this out – something dreadful is being allowed to happen on our coast and it is being largely ignored.

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