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Chile in Trouble


Dead shrimps washed ashore – presumably poisoned

Chile sead crustacea

Chile, peru dead dolphins

This is all very unscientific – I’ve been repeatedly told not to use anything unscientific or that cannot be verified – for instance there is no scientific proof that seaweed trawling damages the environment – or so the seaweed trawling industry tells us repeatedly and those who want to believe do so.  However I say the opposite should be happening – even the industry itself says there is not enough research on the long term effects of commercial seaweed harvesting on the ecology – there are major changes in the ecology of the sea – these events are not natural/normal – these coasts are being constantly harvested for seaweed – does not seaweed clean the sea, the same as plants on land???

Here is a little piece from an article from FAO the food and agriculture organization in the 80s about harvesting in Chile.

- too many animals in the seaweed

Essentially it says that some forms of seaweed have been decreasing in value due to fish eggs.  Possible solutions are to change the ph of the water so they are no longer attractive to the fish – other methods such as removing the fish altogether are not commercially viable.

The paper is here http://www.fao.org/3/P8253E/P8253E01.htm#ch1.2

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