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Faults, Problems and Downright Lies

Science is used as an excuse to allow large scale depredation of our natural world for short term gain for a few powerful individuals.

We see it everywhere.  From fracking to shale oil to pollution.


Further it says that we have been doing it for a long time and so far no one has been able to provide any scientific proof of environmental damage.

That is in fact the reverse of good science – the sole company concerned with large scale harvesting on the Norwegian coast belongs to a group of companies that have been found guilty of nearly every crime a major company can possibly be found guilty of. Right from fraud, price fixing cartels to major ecological damage.

I say this – there are major changes in all the worlds oceans – they have been significantly noticeable I the last 25 years – this is about as long as large scale commercial seaweed harvesting has been occurring.

We should stop this industry until is proven that mechanical seaweed harvesting does not damage the environment and is not dangerous to the ecosystem or our health – that is good science.

Poisoned Sea

The Norwegian broadcasting service – nrk, has just published an article about the banning of fishing for blue halibut and crabs in an area extending from the lofoten islands to Bodø because of toxins found in the animals – dioxins, pcbs and heavy metals.

The article –

Another article talks about release of heavy metals inland of that area, slipping into a big fjord, from a mining operation – wonder if the two are connected?

Here in Hustad I’ve been getting a number of cod with black, or very dark brown livers – naaah, surely not – no poisoning here. Of course I would feel a lot safer if I know the seaweed beds were undisturbed – but the sea bed has been raked bare in the area – there is nothing here to remove any toxins.

Has it just begun?

We have found any amount of scientific papers concerned with seaweed removing poisons and many other substances from the sea – there is even a suggestion that the damage caused by the atom bombs on Mururoa atoll has been cleared up by this amazing plant – so take it read  – any mess that mankind puts in the sea will eventually be dealt with by the system that exists there – just as it does on land, but far better.  the major problem is our interference.

Seaweed harvesting on the Norwegian coast is supposedly regulated by a committee of experts in their field – marine biologists and such – i am no marine biologist but i can read and do read a large amount of papers put out by scientists on the internet concerning the sea and seaweed – they all tell me the same thing – NO ONE KNOWS THE LONG TERM EFFECTS OF SEAWEED TRAWLING ON THE ECOSYSTEM.

Many of us have a feeling of doom when we think about a company, one of a group of companies who have been found guilty of nearly every crime any major corporation or company can be found guilty of, and for that has received record fines in nearly every case, this company is being allowed to remove seaweed not only on the Norwegian coast but on many others worldwide.  FMC biopolymers.

FMC CORPORATION is involved in nearly every dirty industry it is possible for a company to be involved with.  it has been found guilty of many kinds of pollution including radiation, cyanide, phosphorous and more and yet here they are blithely taking up seaweed on the Norwegian coast – they say it is in the region of 180,000 tons per year –

Fmc tells us that seaweed on the Norwegian coast is healthy – not anyone else – fmc the company that harvests the stuff, and yet they have requested and got permission to harvest in nature reserves.

What Got Us Started?

We live on the west coast of Norway.

It is a wild and picturesque place surrounded by mountains and sea – and full of wildlife. Having observed large trawlers greedily grubbing on the seabed near to land with huge steel dredges I felt outraged and puzzled – why was this allowed – why was Norway who prided itself so much on its nature allowing this OUTRAGE.  Didn’t people know about the delicate ANIMALS that lived there, didn’t they know about the BIRDS that lived off the animals there – the FISH that only bred there – the FISH that lived ONLY there, DIDN’T THEY CARE!!!

I met Johan a local farmer, fisherman who felt the same – we studied the boats and got the maps – soon enough we found out where and when they were allowed (what a contentious issue).  Then I began the internet research….

What I found was truly alarming – but this site is not intended to be a conspiracy theory site – the home of spurious documents produced by fertile imaginations with no scientific fact or background. This is meant for serious researchers and for those who have an interest but have no clue where to look or are unaware of what is happening. One company has the right to harvest on the Norwegian coastline.  FMC biopolymers.

This company is one of a group of 9 companies in the FMC CORPORATION Further research reveals that one of these companies produces an insecticide so poisonous that it is used in Tanzania to KILL LIONS.  The American food and drug administration has banned Furadan and yet this is what the company says Another is mining LITHIUM mainly used in the batteries of environmentally friendly electric cars – this mining is causing PERMANENT ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE in one of the worlds most fragile ecosystems Recently the fmc corp was fined 25 MILLION EUROS for operating a price fixing cartel –—parent-company-liability-test-applied-by-general-court-upholding-25-million-euro-fine-on-fmc-companies-in-hydrogen-peroxide-cartel.asp

Fmc companies are also responsible for a number of contaminated sites worldwide, contaminants include radiation and solvents.  (For more information see BERTRAMS BLOG on this site)

The procedure used to harvest the seaweed on the Norwegian coast requires the removal of the seaweed before it is fully mature (it takes 6 to 9 years before full biological diversity is restored – the weed is harvested every 4 to 5 years) This is mainly because some of the organisms interfere with the production and extraction of alginate.  in other words there is a systematic attempt to reduce the amount of wildlife on the Norwegian coast.  FMC has access to Norway’s BIRD RESERVES.

Papers also reveal that FMC S activities re seaweed harvesting is worldwide – one country FMC is involved with Peru, banned seaweed harvesting in 2008 but it still continues – Peru had a big dieback of marine mammals and birds in January 2012 – mainly due to starvation – possibly linked to the marine current El Niño but these animals also feed in the seaweed forests. THIS IS OUR FIRST VIDEO ON SEAWEED TRAWLING. JOHANS VIDEO – Expressing his anger and how he feels on the subject. THIS IS THE SECOND VIDEO

Fraud – FMC, No Never

It appears that Fmc was given a record fine for fraud – FMC Corp. settles whistleblower lawsuit on Bradley Fighting Vehicles for $13 million.

October 8, 1996 — FMC Corp., a diversified manufacturing company that makes the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, has agreed to pay the federal government $13 million to settle a whistleblower case. It is the largest civil judgment that has ever been won in a government fraud case in northern California. The lawsuit charged FMC deceived the government and deliberately inflated by millions of dollars costs for which it was entitled to be reimbursed by the U.S.

Army. The deception increased the price tag for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, an armored vehicle used in the Gulf War, which the government paid FMC $1.1 billion to produce from 1991 to 1994. The cost of other weapon systems that the Chicago-based corporation produced for the Pentagon also was affected.

Robert Neargarder, a mid-level manager in the company’s Ground Systems division in San Jose, filed the lawsuit under the False Claims Act in April 1995 in U.S. District Court in San Jose. The False Claims Act allows private citizens to sue, on behalf of the federal government, companies that are defrauding taxpayers. Guilty defendants can be ordered to pay the government three times its losses plus penalties.

Wow that is heavy stuff – wonder what more I can dig up – hmm.

A Little Bird

A little bird has been whispering in my ear that FMC is no longer going to have permission to harvest seaweed at Runde after the unprecedented damage to the infrastructure caused by last winters storms following the removal of seaweed. Apparently moves are also afoot to stop seaweed trawling in the big bird reserve.

There are also other places where damage has occurred after seaweed harvesting

Does this mean that the government is beginning to take a serious look at seaweed trawling and at FMC in particular?

“We have dialog with FMC Biopolymer and they are well aware of that there will be changes in the future and they are open for cultivation idea
. We have several IMTA pilot project going on with Sintef, IMR, NTNU and the second largest fish farmer in Norway, Lerøy.”  This is part of a reply from Belona one of Norway’s environmental organizations.

FMC told us that cultivation was not on the agenda – that seems to have changed – “changes in the future” – does that mean that taretråling is going to stop or be severely curtailed?  Let us hope so.  It is the only environmentally responsible action.