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A Little Update

We are now currently working with several prominent organizations – they receive our information from reputable sources and as such are seen as responsible organizations – we on the other hand can act as we see fit – because there is a “back up” we can speculate and theorize without jeopardizing the message.

In other words the seaweed harvesting and other industries rely on officialdom to filter information.  They say that if it does not have their stamp it is not “scientific.”

As a result we hear that some of Norway’s state organizations are hiding information under the threat of job losses and worse if it is released unofficially – this ultimately will impose a huge financial burden on the public – not on the companies concerned.  We also hear that whistle blowers in the seaweed industries world are permanently excluded from employment.

A little further speculation – if the information on these pages is correct then the government of Norway is allowing a American multinational (with a very dubious past) to empty the seaweed forests of life other than seaweed – it is jeopardizing the welfare of communities along the coast and much further afield by tampering with a mechanism that cleans the seas, it is also destroying large amounts of wildlife. Further Norway’s Marine biologists will look utterly incompetent.

Communicating with Marine biologists worldwide it is staggering to learn how little they actually know of the general picture – is this deliberate???

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