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A Little More on Taretråling Norway

A excellent document on some of the aspects of Norway’s seaweed harvest is this one http://www.netalgae.eu/uploadedfiles/WP2-Norway-Bioforsk_FOKUS_7(2)_s278-279.pdf

Netalgae norwegian seaweed harvesting.

here is a map showing the current areas being harvested – I know from friends  that there is big activity further north than the fields shown on the fiskeriedirektoratets map.

Areas of seaweed harvest

So that means nearly all of the Norwegian coast is now being harvested by seaweed trawlers.

This is what it says about the Norwegian harvest

reduction in epiphytes and marine life

This is the united nations food and agriculture organization

fao fisheries and agriculture

There seems to be no mention of the environment in this document – perhaps because it does not see itself as responsible in any way for this – past history has shown some dramatic consequences.

Here is a snip from an article from the FAO on seaweed

world seaweed resources

Essentially it says that seaweed is not being used enough – that the seas are full of the stuff and where most of it is.

As there has been a major shift in the ecology of our oceans in the last 25 years is it possible that FAO’s information is being acted upon – in fact could this be the biggest environmental secret of our decade – why don’t you – the reader find out for yourself!

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