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Seaweed Trawling Protest Forms

fAs many of you are no doubt aware seaweed trawling on the Norwegian coast is an ecological disaster – scientific papers show this, articles in the press clearly show this.

Information is carefully managed with  misinformation and public officials happy to mislead the public.

This is a severe breach of the Norwegian constitution Grunnlæven 112 –  110b


Every Norwegian citizen has a right to a clean and sustainable environment – seaweed trawling destroys the animals in the forests and the plants – tearing up the plants redistributes sediments containing pollutants which are then passed up the food chain to humans – some of those pollutants cause infertility among other problems, many are cancer causing.

Norwegian version


click to read then right click and save as picture which can then be printed.


We would like the state in the person of the Prime minister Erna Solberg to know how disturbed we are by this industry

This letter is meant to be downloaded and printed – the letter is not for email.

At the top of the letter is the address for postage – please do not alter the text but add your own under comments if need be.

There are two versions – in English and Norwegian hopefully there will soon be many more in other languages, this is worldwide



Click to read, then right click save as picture and print picture.

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