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How can this be allowed?

FMC and DUPONT are now jointly running the operation for the production of Alginate from seaweed on the Norwegian coast

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The only facility that can and does produce alginate is at haugesund – weather it is owned by fmc/dupont or not is not an issue – it is there to exploit our very valuable and sensetive seaweed beds.

Re reading the front page of the Alginor website i was hit by these horrific words

To secure a sustainable and efficient utilisation of this important stock it is necessary to exploit the entire biomass

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Here it is in context

Website address


So here is a company with a massive eu grant saying that to make the business work they need to exploit the entire seaweed biomas on the Norwegian coast.

Seems that at last the gloves have come off.

Is the eu sponsoring the destruction of marine habitats?

This advertisment appeared in the Norwegian Newspaper vårtland a few days ago.

My coullegues picked it up at once – ALGINOR and yes it is about the exploitation of our Norwegian seaweed beds of laminaria hyperborea or stor tare.

The advertisment mentions a share sale – the date of the paper is the 21 of august 2019 – the date of the closure of the sale is the 23rd so the buyer has 2 days in which to make up his or her mind – that is just a little unusual

so we did a little internet research – first page

The first thing is that the Norwegian environmental group Bellona is involved

We contacted them with reference to seawedtrawling many years ago – they replied that they could not comment as they had been working with fmc (the seaweed trawling company) on cultivation projects.


This is the wicki article on the leader of Bellona Fredrik Hauge.

In an nrk article he mentioned that it was much better working from the inside than fom the outside as he has been in the past.

it says that Bellona has adopted a very pragmatic method of working in the environmental protectionism world – they work with rather than against the companies concerned – fact is this may probably be the best way of solving many of these serious environmental issues but by supporting the proposed share sale it is not working for the environment but trying to sponsor its destruction.

This is Bellonas part of the Alginor website

Yes it says that Bellona will be working with the seaweed harvesting companies to try to limit the ecological damage it does

Heyy, wait a bit “with a common goal of a sustainable kelp harvesting industry”

That implies that it is not so now because if it was they would not need to “assist”

We know that Bellona employs many budding marine biologists so they would know what effect it is having on our marine ecosystems and yet it is ignoring this because every independant research paper we have read clearly shows the effect on the environment this industry is having.

Further we are not alone having been joined by large groups in Scotland and Ireland who are in agreement over this issue

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This has also been under the spotlight of such personages as Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough

Another interesting little addition to the front page of the Algea website is the eu sponsorship

They have been given 1.9 million euros so far (for the destruction of our marine habitats???)


Following the various leads it is based on a organization called Horizon 2020 – they say they have 7 billion euros to give out to innovative and important projects

Our current information concerning the harvesting of laminaria hyperborea on the Norwegian coast is that the industry is finding it difficult (in spite of frequent statements on the good health of Norwegian seaweed) to find enough raw material – further we know that FMC/DUPONT imports seaweed from Chile and other south American lands (peru was omitted from that list after we pointed out that it banned all forms of seaweedharvesting in 2008 – but note only omitted ) their seaweed beds must also be having problems.

Many councils here after more reports, decided to change the harvesting frequencies from 4 years to 8 years – that would seriously affect the industry too, so investment would seem a little strange at this moment.

We are trying to contact the eu concerning this and will post as soon as we have a reply.





Its not just us anymore.

Since we started this campaign we have always wondered if we were right?

Frankly its a heavy burden, reading endless papers which all say pretty much the same – clearly showing that seaweed trawling is having devastating effects on the wildlife and environment – while nearly all the environmental organizations say nothing.

Further still the state organs responsible for our wellbeing and  the state of our environment and ecology must know but say nothing.

The big question being “are we right”

Here is confirmation of the biggest kind possible

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David Attenborough has written an article published in the Times newspaper in the uk clearly stating the state is ignoring science and COMMON SENSE  concerning seaweed trawling.



This article was sent to us by our colleagues in Scotland fighting the introduction of seaweed trawling there.

here is a link to David Attenborough’s organization and the  article concerned



We have already sent a link to the Norwegian news service NRK.

we hope and trust that the voice of such a important person in all our lives will not be ignored, especially by the Norwegian state

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If the validity of the seaweed trawling industry is called into question – so will the validity of those marine biologists and organizations that support the industry – this is a serious matter indeed as it calls into question the world of very many individuals who are in a position of power.

The pollution and destruction of our world is caused by the very companies involved – their activities can only be described as ecocide –

The suffering caused by the illnesses inflicted on us by the release of chemicals into our nature is something that these big companies never have to pay for.  Only those individuals and the states concerned

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It is time the protection they have is stripped away and their actions treated just like any other crime, and they like any criminal.  This should also apply to those who protect and nurture those individuals and industry.





One of the basic tenets in our society is trust.

We have a state supported by us – working to uphold our best interests, many of us work for big companies that often interreact with nature and thus our future – we trust that they are trustworthy enough to honour the effort and support we put in – after all it is in their interests as well as ours.

Around the 1900s in the usa a company  called undark employed mostly women painting the dials of watches with luminous paint – the company managers had special desks installed in their offices – these desks were lined with lead.

The girls hand painted the numerals – they were from all walks of life but mostly working class

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. They used fine paint brushes and were encouraged to lick the brushes to form a point.

After a little while the girls began getting ill, their teeth fell out, their bones began to decay – the paint they used was radium – the bosses knew, the girls died terrible deaths – the bosses got off scott free to run other businesses and lead “prosperous” lives. 


How different is it now?

IN the 1920s a chemical called polytetrafleuroethiline was developed – for short ptfe – a major producer was du pont

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. This chemical showed remarkable properties, non stick properties, so it was tried on cookware – du pont decided to call it teflon.

Over the years this product has remained a market leader, in fact here in Norway it is very difficult to buy any cookware not coated with teflon.

Unfortunately the product is too good to be true – the fact is this material is horribly flawed and is still on sale only because of the power of this company and its supporters.

When it reaches a critical temperature it produces a gas called perfleuroisobutene – this is actually in section 2 of the chemical weapons register – the temperature is easily reached on an ordinary stove. It does not kill because there is one enough on a frying pan, but there is more than enough to kill any pet birds in the area. This is well known – the Du pont website even mentions teflon flu but plays it down so that people are not alarmed.

There is another chemical found in Teflon – this is used by Du pont to hide the true nature of the product – this is called perfluooctanoic acid (pfoa) this is the one that gathers most publicity and can be dealt with by the company when in confrontation.  http://bertie.no/?p=341

Stopptt is kept well informed by individuals both here in Norway and other countries – yes there is a serious resistance to the powerful organizations so heavily involved with our lives – this resistance is not something taken lightly – there is a process – reading articles – talking with others finding out the truths these companies are so eager to hide. Then spreading the word.

Unfortunately these companies understand that we are reliant on the system and that starts with the freedom of the press – so the press is often under serious pressure not to take these cases up.

   This says the Norwegian press often censors articles which are connected with foreign business interests.   Certainly applies to seaweed trawling.

Fmc the company that does the seaweed trawling on the norwegian coast has been using the press to promote its product in the last few years, regular articles on how healthy seaweed is, how good it is for us

Have you ever noticed how many of these products are pushed at us every day – here is one which is actually rather funny because the name Soylent came from a book, later a film where a kind of protein brick was given to the starving population.  It was supposed to be made of plankton but our hero discovered that the seas were dead, nothing lived there – the Bricks were made of protein allright, human protein.

  this says how wonderful the American superfood is

– The publicity behind seaweed has been intense, now we can report why ———

FMC is for sale and has been bought here in Norway by Du Pont – https://seekingalpha.com/article/4059637-fmc-corporation-business-swap-dupont-increases-takeover-odds

This is where Unndark – the radium Girls come in – the big companies are still doing it – we have been fooled by smoking for many years, we still are, or rather a lot of us are – what else are we being fooled about???

It is time for this to stop.

Looking at those “cool people”, smoking outside one should realise that they know the consequences – but they are not protected by the state, the state is not strong enough even though the cost of the sicknesses caused by this product is born by the state and everybody else.   Recently a friend spent some time at a lung hospital here in Norway he told me that all the patients there were sick from smoking and that they went outside with their drips on trolleys to smoke.

But how can we stop this? We are only individuals and cannot make anyone  do anythying.

We start with ourselves – now you know about Teflon – you throw away your Teflon pans – you tell your friends, you talk with politicians tell them how you feel.– you look around and if there is anything you dont like, you investigate – there is a growing awareness in our society – people are slowly becoming involved – not in the way the state wants but in our own way – for ourselves for our children – the state works for us – not Du pont or any other corporation but every so often it needs reminding of this.

One last little thing – here on the Norwegian coast a great many people have protested about Taretråling (seaweed trawling) they see the effects. To our knowledge at least 7 councils have complained to the state – the replies from the state contain a chilling response – “We own the rights to the seaweed forests, we can do as we please” This begs the question WHO DOES THE NORWEGIAN STATE WORK FOR?